Welcome to the Catudal Virtual Family Reunion

I have created this blog to allow the many visitors that my Catudal Ancestry webpages receive visits from to correspond with other visitors of Catudal family interest.

Your host – David Wayne Hurd

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  1. Judy Schneider says:

    What a wonderful idea. Would you like me to post this website at the Catudal group page on Facebook?

    Last year I publish a 2 volume set entitled The Extended Catudal Family History. I am working on a second book about the families who came from the Catudal line. My first book, “The Extended Catudal Family History”, looked at 8 family lines, the Catudal line being one. It had a fairly narrow focus and followed mostly my own Catudal line. My next book “The Families Catudal”, which I am currently working on, will be a very comprehensive look at the history of the name ‘Catudal’ and the families who come/came from this line including people with the last names of St-Jean and St. John and the many variations thereof. The areas of study are Canada, the U.S.A. and France.

    This work will have taken a total of 6 years to produce and covers more than 1,500 Catudals and their families (270 from France and the earliest member dating back to 1589). If anyone would be interested in adding to this project it would be most welcomed. What I am most looking for are old pictures of Catudal family members and stories handed down to you from our family line.

    If you would like more information on this project or would like to add something please contact me at catudal@gmx.net

    The Extended Catudal Family History sold out very quickly but if anyone would like to look at a copy you can do an interlibrary loan from the Archives of Canada, the LDS library in Utah or the Metro Reference Centre in Toronto to name a few.

    Judy Schneider (my mother is a Catudal and I come from the Barthelemy Catudal 1864-1937 line)

  2. cassie griggs…

    Welcome to the Catudal Virtual Family Reunion « CatudalFamily…

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